Cursed by Elsa. I won't Let it Go.

My daughter owns so much. There are so many stuff animals "running" around our house that I think that we have started a stuffed zoo.  I swear there are some that she hasn't played with. Then there are the ones that you try to hide.  For instance, Elsa. Elsa has been hidden for almost a year. Today she reappeared.  Why is Elsa bad?   Elsa is bad because each time my lovely, beautiful, wonderful daughter squeezes Elsa, touches Elsa, breathes on Elsa, even looks at Elsa, Elsa belts out LET IT GO.  Now that in itself I can handle. It the by product of this magical Elsa that is the problem.  My daughter starts singing Let it Go. My wife starts singing Let it Go. I find myself singing Let it Go! It gets stuck in your head like a bad commercial jingle.  So Elsa was hidden.  Grandparents came to visit. Elsa was found. Now I spend all day thinking the cold never bothered me anyway.  I do like the cold.   Did I mention that the Elsa doll is taller than my toddler?   This all my Aunt Nancy's fault. The lesson is: Elsa should be hidden.  Cursed is what I am. 

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James Arthur

A children's picture book writer who lives in Texas with his wife and daughter. James lived in Taiwan for two years where he taught English and wrote stories for an international children's magazine.


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