Friends are Friends Forever.

As I get older there are two things that I have realized about friendships.  The first thing that I have realized is that your oldest friendships are very important.  To me there is something calming and relaxing about being around someone who "knew you when".  I feel like there is less pressure when you are around old friends. If they have stuck around this long and are still willing to be friends with you than you are pretty gold with them.  Especially for the friends that I have had since high school and college.  Hopefully I have matured since then and now I am even a better friend.   The second that I have come to understand is that you can really choose your friends. You don't have to be friends with some one because you work with them. You don't have to be friends with someone because you have mutual friends in common. I have come to realize that you can choose who you spend your time with. Therefore, I have become intentional with who I pursue to friendships with. I like to surround myself with people who are not like me. People who are strong in areas that I am weak.  Friendships are sacred and special. I think they are something to cherish.  Old ones and intentional ones alike.  

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James Arthur

A children's picture book writer who lives in Texas with his wife and daughter. James lived in Taiwan for two years where he taught English and wrote stories for an international children's magazine.


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