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Motivation. Get going! That is what people need to hear everyday.  I really wish I had enough money. Like Bill Gates money. Like Justin Bieber money. Why do I need that much money? So I can hire someone to motivate me everyday. Their whole purpose and job is to get me going.  We all need that in our life. Whether it s taking our the trash out or blogging. We need it. I would hire a coach. I would hire The Rock or Denzel Washington.  Writing seems to come in spurts. Of course last week I was sick and that doesn't help at all but also sometimes it feels like you are getting nowhere with your story.  So what do you do in case you don't have crazy Lebron James money? It is simple. Keep writing. Make a little head way each day.  Or you can write a blog about how unmotivated you are. Sounds like a plan. 

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James Arthur

A children's picture book writer who lives in Texas with his wife and daughter. James lived in Taiwan for two years where he taught English and wrote stories for an international children's magazine.


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