My dark secret.

So it time to put my big, dark secret out into the internet world. This secret has haunted me for years. I have lived in fear that the world would find out and I would lose all my man cards.  So here it is: When I was younger I owned and read The Babysitter's Club.  WHEW! Man, that feels good to get off my chest.  All during middle school, even high school, I was known as a big reader.  But I lived in constant fear that people would know that I adored six girls. Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, Mallory, Jessi, Stacey and the best one Dawn.  Each month my grandparents would venture to Waldenbooks ('member them?) and get the latest BSC book. I had them all, the super series, the mysteries, all of them.  Ann M. Martin's series was just amazing. Even though I didn't learn til later in life that Ms. Martin never wrote past book 35 the series never lost a beat. Just like it is with any beloved TV show you connect with characters. They become part of your life.  You can never tell what it is that will resonate with you.  That is why I love shows like The Middle or Bob's Burgers. You see yourself and your family in those shows.  So I guess that it is time for me to embrace my love for The Babysitter's Club. I am on a mission to get copies of all BSC original series so my daughter can read them. Thankfully she is a girl.....

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James Arthur

A children's picture book writer who lives in Texas with his wife and daughter. James lived in Taiwan for two years where he taught English and wrote stories for an international children's magazine.

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  1. lol, BSC and Boxcar children are awesome! No need to be ashamed!

  2. Who didn't think it was cool? (I'm ashamed to rise my hand, but they were such a quick, delightful read!!!)