The Knot Game is Knot cool.

There is one group bonding game that I really despised growing up. It was called the Knot game. Where you stand in a circle, grab the hands of other people creating a human knot. Then you work to unravel the knot. Now if it had been a game where you are given a rope with knots in them that would have been dandy. But NO. The "knot game" is a team bonding, get to know you, problem solving, get to know you game. But really it's torture filled with body odor and unwanted touching.  I have a hard time seeing a big company like Google or Apple or even the Dallas Cowboys partaking in this ritual.  Let us start with the fact that no one comes into this "game" knowing that they are going to play this. So therefore you always have some in the group who aren't showered up and ready to go. So you are bombarded with the smells. OH THE SMELLS. Like Chewbacca met a skunk and went to a rave.  Then the touching. If you are someone who doesn't like to touch, or someone who likes to touch TOO MUCH, then this game is a nightmare.  Having to hold someone's hand is bad enough but then go through the process of getting out of the knot always requires butts going over your head.  It is just awful. Knot fun at all.  Something that is designed to make you closer to the people in your group actually has the opposite effect. KNOT cool.   I guarantee there are better, safer, smellier ways to get to know someone. 

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James Arthur

A children's picture book writer who lives in Texas with his wife and daughter. James lived in Taiwan for two years where he taught English and wrote stories for an international children's magazine.


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