Noelle   Family Photo   James and Christiana

James Arthur

Writer - Author - Father - Speaker - Teacher
Lives in Texas

James Arthur was told from an early age he was "creative and full of energy", which basically meant he drove all of his teachers crazy. However, it also meant he could create the most fantastic stories. When he was a child, James even created full fledged war stories as he battled it out with his G.I. Joes in the front yard. To this day, G.I. Joes can be unearthed from their tombs--a tribute to the brave soldiers James buried in battle.

In 1999, James pursued his first full-time career as a "big kid" a.k.a. a youth minister. He spent the next fifteen years honing his storytelling and speaking skills to captivate the short attention span of his audience and communicate key messages to them. His youthful spirit and creative juices never waned, and they got him into trouble more than once.

It wasn't until 2013 that his passion and energy found their perfect marriage. In July 2013, James Arthur packed up his wife and all his belongings and moved to Taiwan to teach English to young learners. The two years he taught in Taiwan, opened him up to many possibilities. James recorded stories for an English curriculum and wrote for an international children's English magazine. James also realized how much he loved communicating with small children, never more so than when his daughter was born in April of 2014.

After two years of teaching in Taiwan, James and his family returned to the United States. They settled in a small town in the Texas panhandle. Now, James writes and serves as a substitute teacher in addition to writing articles for the local paper his wife runs.